Málaga and the Beach

Hola from Spain…we sailed for 1.5 days to awaken in Málaga, Spain, the birthplace and childhood home of Pablo Picasso. this charming waterfront town must really be bustling during the summer months. There’s a long beachfront lined with palapas umbrellas framed on the other side of the street by little tapas eateries and fancy clothing stores.

The Cathedral de Málaga is absolutely specular, you would be in awe of its scale. Once inside you will feel so humble and small. It was once Moslem occupied, but is now a Catholic Church. Done in the Renaissance style, it is something to behold.

The homes along the waterfront are really fabulous, with huge palm trees and garden verandas on the front of the houses. It’s a fairly wealthy town for those who can afford to live oceanfront.


The center of town has narrowed streets closed to autos, and just for pedestrian traffic. The streets are all made do stone and granite…so clean and beautiful, line on both sides by fabulous boutiques, stores, and gelato and pastry shops. It was oh so cute and wonderful for us girls, and we sure wish we had more time in this place! I could easily spend a week here!













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