On the road to BALI

Dec 4, 2013

Hi Everyone,

We’re on the road again, sharing our adventure with our friends and family.

We left at 1.30pm and arrived 47 hours later, including the 16 hour time change (we lost 2 days!!) in transit from San Francisco>Hong Kong>Singapore> Bali, Indonesia. Wow, this was a long travel day!

It was 56 degrees when we left SF, and it is 87° here and very hot, sticky, and humid with dense, heavy, thick air, and this is their winter! There are basically only two seasons in Bali…hot, and hotter. Whew!

Just a word about the Singapore airport…has to be one of the most beautiful airports in the world…modern, super clean, lots of glass, with waterfalls, kinetic sculptures, and all decked out right now, for Christmas. There is so much shopping, you’d think you were in a very high end shopping mall.

Just for fun, I went into a Gucci store. A tote bag trimmed in braided pink leather trim and tassels immediately caught my eye. I asked the price and the sales lady said “it’s one-seventy-five.” I’m thinking to myself, “well that certainly affordable…maybe I’ll buy it on the way home.” After looking around a bit, I repeated to her again a few minutes later, “It’s one-seventy-five?” to confirm, and she said, “Yes, that’s $1,750.” Yikes! I’m not typically a Gucci girl, but I have to say, that handbag was pretty darn cute. I’m happy to stick with my Lesportsac backpack…lots of willpower to walk away.

Heading to the hotel to check in. More once we get settled. We’re tired, but happy to almost be there.


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