Raiders of the lost ark…

Today was a visit to the British Museum of London.  The nice thing is public museums in London are free.  Of course they charge you for the audio listening devices which guide you around the massive amount do exhibits, but you’d be lost in history without them.

This is a museum of artifacts, no paintings, but all the treasures that Indiana Jones would have been after. You start to understand the dominance of England during history when you see what they have amassed in their museum.  You could spend days in  here, exploring all that they have, so the best thing is to choose your favorites…we picked the Middle East which included, Egypt and the surrounding areas, and Greece.

It it is amazing to think that Britain could go into these countries and virtually take tombs in their entirety. The Egyptian ruins, many stolen from temples or tombs built for rulers, date back to 4000 BC.  Many of the most amazing stone carvings came from Assyria, which now is Iraq. Who knew?  How did they do such beautifully intricate work in stone back then?

The stone carvings off the Parthenon in Greece are all here in London, and an interesting fact that was new to me was who knew the Parthenon used to be painted in blue, red, and gold?

If you get a chance to visit London, I would definitely put this on your must see list.  It will make you feel very young.


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