Koper, Slovenia

It’s our first time on board the Celebrity Silhouette Cruise ship.   The vessel is fairly new, built in 2011.   Even though the ship is large, holding approximately 2500 guests and a staff of 1200, you don’t feel the crowd. They really have things figured out to make sure that everyone is having a great time.  Great accommodations, great food, and great entertainment!!

Our first stop is Koper, Slovenia. It’s a small city of 50,000, so it’s easy to walk to the center of town to Tito square to visit the Praetorian Palace, a 15th century gothic Venetian palace which serves as the location for both the military and civil authorities of Italy at the time. It was the residence for many of the Venetian captains for a time.   In 1797 during the fall of the Venetian Republic to Napoleon, this castle lost it’s importance, and it sat in gradual decay until it became a restaurant in 1968.  In 1991, a further restoration took place until, as it had in past history, it once again serves as the local city hall and Koper’s tourist office.

A hike to the top of the bell tower gives a great view of this port city. The city’s Cathedral of the Assumption was built in the second half of the 12th century and has one of the oldest bells in Slovenia (from 1333), cast by Master Jakob in Venice. The upper terrace is periodically open and offers a great view of the Bay of Trieste.





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