Bamberg is one of the few German towns that was not destroyed during WWII.  In 1993, the Old Town was named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, primarily because of its authentic medieval appearance. There are over 2000 buildings are in the Baroque and Romanesque styles, and by law, must be architecturally maintained in their original design.  It’s another adorably cute town of charming shops, great eateries, and local pubs.

Old Town, Bamberg


The City Hall is beautiful, flanked on both sides by bridges, crossing over the river.

City Hall


Little Venice – houses on the river


The Bamberg Cathedral was completed in the 13th century. The cathedral is under the administration of the Roman Catholic Church and is the seat of the Archbishop of Bamberg.  In 1007, Emperor Henreich II made Bamberg the center of the Holy Roman Empire and capital of his reign. He wanted Bamberg to become the second Rome.  As the Catholics moved towards the Protestant religion, thus failing to pay taxes to the Catholic government, the Pope made a declaration that non-Catholics would be excommunicated from Bamberg.  Many then converted back to the Catholic faith.  Today it is 60/40 Catholics/Protestants, for the most part.

Bamberg Cathedral


Home of the Archbishop

Bamberg is known for their famous raunchbier, which means “smoke beer.”  The grain was smoked over open fires, picking up a smoky flavor, smelling and tasting of a BBQ.  Our tour guide said you would eithe love it or hate it, but when in Bamberg, you have to try it.  The verdict…?  One yay…one nay…


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