Regensburg is one of the towns that was spared during WWII and received very little damage, with its medieval town nearly intact. It became a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of the city’s status as a cultural center of the Middle Ages.   It was a city of many churches and people who fluctuated between the Catholic and Protestant faith with many churches to reflect that.  It was a bit of a tough day for our two and a half hour walking tour because it was 92 degrees today!! Whew!!  


St. Emmeram’s is a beautiful monastery built in 739. 

Beautiful church interior in Baroque style
Stone crypt markers in the church courtyard

Regensburg Cathedral
Original architecture still stands

Regensburg on the Danube River


One thought on “Regensburg

  1. Albert Mock

    Looking good ! All the pictures and places are beautiful. Hope the food and weather is up,to par! The Tony’s were awesome last nite.


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