Treasures in Chiang Rai

We started our day with a trip to the Golden Triangle of Chiang Rai. It’s the district where three countries converge.  It’s the Northern most point of Thailand, bordered by Myanmar (formerly Burma) on one edge, and Laos on the other.  Crossing borders to either country requires passports and fees.

Shopping in Chiang Rai
Shopping in Chiang Rai. They sure are big on snacks!
Working for peanuts
Working for peanuts

Downtown Chiang Rai is a quadrant of shopping in all directions and gives you a great snapshot of local life away from the big city.  This is one of the main attractions of Chiang Rai. Even the locals love to come here to shop. The people and the lifestyle are simple, but their spirits are happy.

Shopping for groceries
Shopping for groceries
Crating eggs
Egg cartons
Even the locals come to visit Chiang Rai
Even the locals come to visit Chiang Rai

In the afternoon, we rode in long boats to cross the Mekong River to neighboring Laos.  Outlawed in Thailand, but still legal in Laos was the making of animal whiskey, a drink infused with different animals for aphrodisiac and medicinal purposes.  Our guide showed us drinks made with ginseng, geckos, king cobras, and scorpions!  Yikes!

King Cobra Whiskey
King Cobra Whiskey

Can you believe that Tom was the first volunteer to take a swig of the local drink!?

"I feel stronger already!"
“I feel stronger already!”



5 thoughts on “Treasures in Chiang Rai

  1. JC

    Loved the white temple post! and these photos are amazing. are you taking these with your phone, or a SLR camera? I’m going to plan a trip with a friend … Lisa Herbert … Chuck knows her. She ran marketing in our LA division. She and I used to travel a lot together when work sent us to marketing meetings in NY or London. I was going to suggest a trip to Bali … maybe a yoga retreat. Any other suggestions? XO, hope you are having a great time!! -Julie



    1. Anonymous

      Hi Julie. I’m using a Sony NEX6. It’s a mirror less camera. All the advantages of an SLR without the weight. I do have a very huge lens on it tho which makes it heavy but so necessary if you love to take photos when traveling. Bali is a good choice. It’s one of my fav exotic locations. Miss you! Let’s get together soon.


  2. Anonymous

    Hi Monie !…The photos are magnificent! I am enjoying all as I tag a long viewing and reading the great descriptions of each day !
    Aloha, Regan


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