We are finally at our last stop…another big city with lots of motor scooter traffic, and modern buildings.  What an amazing month it has been seeing so many sights and scenes that have been new experiences for us. What an incredible world that  we live in.  

Here are a few parting shots from our last city in Vietnam.  I’m so glad you could travel with us on this amazing trip! 

With the French having occupied Vietnam for almost 100 years, if you squint, you can see remnants of their influence in the old buildings in the French quarter.   

In the French quarters

Vietnam greatly discourages the buying of cars.  An $800 motor scooter has a $1000 tax. An automobile has a $300% tax on top of the sales price.  No wonder there are so many scooters! 

The shopping district

They seem to carry everything possible on their bikes and scooters…

We visited a sight of a noodle factory, where they were drying noodles outside. We had Vienamese Pho, their popular noodle soup, at every stop.  

Collecting the noodle mats
Noodles, drying in the sun

A day at the faire

We also attended a water puppet show, where the puppeteers stand waist high in water, telling stories of the life of the rice farmers.  The puppeteers are artists, making $1200/month, considerably more money than most in Vietnam.

A water puppet show

A moment of thankfulness
With Dang, our wonderful tour guide through Vietnam


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