About Me


Artist, Writer, and Dancer in Alameda, California

Monie Thompson has a zest for all things related to travel, dance, art, and photography. Since retiring, her journeys have taken her to many places in the world, with a hunger to write about the places she’s been to, the food she’s eaten, the people she’s met, and the sights she’s seen.

Having a love of photography, her photos and videos, combined with music and writing skills, are used to create movies of her global journeys.

In the kitchen, she loves creating a range of fanciful foods with savory sauces to artistic cupcakes for entertaining. Exploring the foods from around the world has been as tantalizing and delicious as discovering the people and cultures that create them.

In the quieter times, you will find her making movies on the computer, or painting with watercolors or oils.

She has a passion and thirst to continually learn and experience new things in the school of life. She also has a love of God which shines through her cheerful and happy heart and makes her thankful for a blessed life and an appreciation for the world around her.